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May 2017
winter of perturbation
spring of emotion
summer get away
fall from blue sky

we started with love
then swayed by lust
gradually severed by lies
finally we EnD up losing

But that is not how my 90th poem goes
nevertheless if only I ain't got no foes
however for whatever reasons
this one will go slow for all seasons

Because often times
I used to look like this
I say what I think
specially thru my ink

those figures of speech
chase by waves on the beach
that bounces back on the seashore of my poetry
which went to the distance in between of your scissors' story

fall,summer,spring and winter
no matter how my rhymes floats wilder
my heart and soul will never sink in reading your own masterpiece too
as a matter of fact,,no climate change has been exhausted for times two

Yes! Back at one... i will start all over again
until the sun rays that i may regain
would pay the price i owe for dreaming
that one day, i could simply write a melody w/out hesitating!

I might not be a musician
that can compose a magic
just like the performance of a magician
but for sure.. i shall return being poetic

symbolically or literally speaking my rhythm
Hence I've got to pursue my desperate hymn
now that i'm on in my 90th poem, no clues should be frustratED
whereas I Am actually out of the blue and brand new delightED
my tribute to all laborer
happy labor day to All Filipinos
also to all people abroad,
here in Philippines is celebrating holiday
called... Kilusang Mayo Uno
solEmn oaSis
Written by
solEmn oaSis  Malabon City Philippines
(Malabon City Philippines)   
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