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Apr 2017
I once had someone tell me
That because they knew themself
And their flaws
They could never love themself
And I-
I didn't know quite what to tell them

But I also didn't want to leave it at that
Because we're our own worst judges
We replay everything we've done wrong
And forgive others but not ourselves
Which is just too cruel

And to base the amount of love we accept
From yourself or others
Off the flaws you see in yourself
Is giving up the fight before it's begun
Because you're missing out on so much

You accept the love you think you deserve
But, love, you deserve more than you accept
Kimberly Lore
Written by
Kimberly Lore  25/F/North Carolina
(25/F/North Carolina)   
     Elizabeth J and Kimberly Lore
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