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Apr 2012
don't you dare take me for granted
all the love I felt
for you
dont take me as a fool
just because i trusted you
you think you've got me figured out
well mr. think again
i'm definitely not that easy
i swear it's not pretend
all the things i do for you
all the problems i let slide
you think you're mr. suave
i wont be by your side
if all you do is kiss me
and never let me go
never saying anything
until i tell you no
is that all you really care about ?
were your feelings just a fake?
the physical i cant deny
would never fail to make
me fall even harder, for a guy like you.
mr. suave has another side
no not one - but two.
I've seen it just a couple times
when you talk about your dad
how every time i brought it up
you got a little sad
the walls came down
i marched right in
to see side number two
what i saw and what i felt
made me care for you
if it was real if it was fake
i really do not know
but i now i see that side of you
that really made you show
all your feelings all your rage
the pressure was surreal
mr. suave had another side
it was his heart i wished to steal
and in the end i have it now
i don't know what to do..
maybe ill bring my walls down.
and show him my side two.
Nicole tanner
Written by
Nicole tanner
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