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Apr 2017
It's sad when things fade. Like when friends drift apart,
Or that song you used to listen to on repeat becomes boring.
Really, It’s not sad.
Just you moving on with your life,
Evolving into a fresher, more complex version of yourself.

Time moves ridiculously quickly.
No one ever thinks to pause and look around for a bit.
We can't take life for granted.
It can be taken from us at any second of any day to yourself,
Or those you love.

Don't judge people.
Don't wish people harm.
Just learn to accept and appreciate those around you a lot more then you do now,
Cause I bet you've spent your life mainly thinking about yourself, and for a while that's good.
Self-healing is good and is a way of rebuilding broken parts.
But once you're superglued back together again, think of others.

Tell your family you love them more,
And when parting for the day give them a hug.
Do nice things for them randomly.
Whenever they're not expecting it.
Plant love like poppy seeds,
And nurture it until it blooms fully and is brighter than first thought possible.

Think for yourself but do not become ignorant.
Debate and embrace others opinions,
So that you do not become small minded or obtuse.

If people try to harm you,
Work out why.
Confront them and demand an answer,
But do not shout. Remain calm and collected.
If they have not got a proper reason (Not that there ever is one)
Take them out of your life.
Erase them and their negativity.
The hate will fade away.

They cannot affect you if you do not let them.

Remain strong.
Remain honest.
But most of all,
Remain yourself.
Written by
Rhiannon  United Kingdom
(United Kingdom)   
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