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Apr 2017
The first ***** was wet and hairy
The second ***** was smelly and hairless
The third ***** was infected
Even though all three ******* were unappealing and quite abhorrent, they decided they needed
company because they were all very lonely and had been very lonely for quite a long time

The first ***** went shopping for a blow dryer so that she would not be wet. She also got a haircut
While the first ***** was out, she met a dog and the ***** invited the dog over so that she and her other ******* would not be lonely

The second ***** took a shower and bought some extensions
When the second ***** was buying her extension, the cashier, who was a dog, asked if she wanted to go out for drinks
The ***** agreed and told the dog that they can go back to her place and the dog can meet her friends

The third ***** went to the doctor to be cured. The doctor hit on the ***** as he was treating the *****. Surprisingly enough, the doctor was a dog. The doctor asked the ***** if she wanted to get dinner and see a movie. The ***** agreed and invited Dr. Dog over to her place afterwards so that he could meet her ***** friends

When all three ******* and all three dogs were over at the *******’ house, each dog grabbed their respective ******* and they all danced.

The End
Written by
Chris La Mar  Iowa
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