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Apr 2017
I came to a fork in the road
My journey had led me to exotic places before
Waterfalls, endless forests filled with evergreens for miles, volcanoes, even
However odd it may seem, of all the places I have been
The split in the road caused me to wonder more
My sense of awesome wonder wandered far beyond the wonder that wander
When I came across the waterfalls and other exotic places from back yonder
But my wandering sense of wonder wandered here
At this fork in the road

Splitting to the right, the road was stocked with rows of beautiful wild flowers and green grass
never before seen, it seems
I imagined the beautiful sights of nature I would wander into if I had gone down that side of the
Fork in the road
Splitting to the left, the road was beaten and stocked with dirt, rocks, and thorny bushes that had
never seen water from the sky, it seems

I remember I remembered a poem I once read about what to do if I ever come to a
Fork in the road
I remember reading this poem when I was in my adolescent years
I remember remembering the advice that poet gave to me if I ever encounter a
Fork in the road
The poet told me to take the road less traveled. I guess it made all the difference for him.

I was torn in two
The beaten path seemed more traveled
But the attractive path (the one on the right) seemed like it would have been more traveled than
The road on the left
For the right path would be traveled upon more
Because the left did not look right

So I split left and walked confidently and triumphantly down the road
That was filled with dirt, rocks, and thorny bushes
And I remember thinking how much I would benefit from
Taking the road less traveled
Because it will make all the difference
Like the poet said it would

Until I stepped on a snake
And then I got the hell off of that road and onto the road without all of the snakes
And it was a lot less stressful of a walk
And that made all the freaking difference
Because Iā€™m not stupid enough to walk down a road filled with snakes
Written by
Chris La Mar  Iowa
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