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Apr 2017
You know that feeling

Like you're not really there?
I was just looking at you intently,
But in reality you aren’t everywhere

Your just a fictional character,
I was just writing a letter
Like in your story I was just an interruption.
Making your life above into imagination,
Going beyond reality and aback fiction,
It is really hard to accept the explanation,
That you really caught my attention,
And living in the world without definition.

I enjoyed the compassion in your expression,
I can see in your eyes the love through confession,
Kisses we’re so deep I can’t accept the intension,
I’m going to our link in such devotion,
In being loyal and obsessed in our condition.

You know your like stars, I can’t reach.
Like everything in my world I was bewtiched.
Everything was so fantasize,
Everything was really emphasize,
Seems real but not,
But what can I do?

Begging to an imagined character to come true?
Everything was so perfect, Everything want’s to pursue.
But everything wasn’t real enough to believe.
I realize that’s the only relieve, I can retrieve.
I want to accept the fact that this is just a silent soul.
But I can’t sad to say, I can accept this as a whole.
aphotic blue
Written by
aphotic blue  18/heaven
     ---, Vivi Greene, ---, Traveler, --- and 3 others
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