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Apr 2017
Sometimes,                                                       ­I suppose I am happy                      
When I am with my friends,     
Throwing my head back and covering my mouth                                                            ­ As I shake with laugher                                 At a joke someone just made.                      But then the day turns to night            
And my carefree grin turns into an unexplainable sadness.                                 I lay in bed.                                        Thinking about all the things  I wish I could say.                                                       All the things I'm afraid too admit,                                                           ­      Even with one pen, paper, and one mind.                                                            ­ It's nights like these when I realize             I am many things                                            I am happy and sad,                                        Outgoing and shy,                       Quiet                                                            ­    But mostly,
I am empty.
Alyssa Nichole
Written by
Alyssa Nichole  16/F/Fredericksburg, VA
(16/F/Fredericksburg, VA)   
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