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Apr 2017
Would you have ever wanted to have said one last word if you heard that I moved on?
Out of this flesh, laid it to rest and passed on through the sun.
Why do we hold so much inside our hearts when we know there's much peace to be made? Still in love with those we haven't talked to because it feels like so much has changed.
And I know I'm not perfect, you can put some of the blame on me because I've been walking around acting like a blind man when I can actually see.
Something's wrong here, we used to be so strong and never let anything come in between,
now we let little **** get in the way of maintaining a bond that took forever to create.
But there's still love. I could never have any hate,
you should know my heart could never carry that, I'd be dead within a few days.
Yet still I know I need to let a lot more go
because some people who've been there for me made me the man I am today, so if their reading this just don't take it personal, I've just been dealing with so much pain.
It's just hard to talk sometimes when your the only one living with your mind and no one can understand your brain.
So I've been keeping my distance, but I've been feeling it from those who've kept their distance too, and then it hit me and I said 'if you died tomorrow I'd never be able to say these things to you.'
So I'm coming back around, I swear it...and just wanted you to to know I never stopped loving you.
Apollo Hayden
Written by
Apollo Hayden
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