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Apr 2017
Rest your head upon my heart.
Listen to the beats you've drummed.
Feel each throb of destined love.
Don't you see, what I've become.  
How you've shifted all my dreams.
How you've taken my last breath.
Oh Your warmth, burns every doubt.
And your smile puts fear to rest.

Rest your head upon my heart.
Close your eyes, so you can gaze.
There's an ocean you haven't discovered.
There's a love that will amaze.
As the night had left you lonely.
And the moon dance in your eyes.
Lay here with me, lay in silence.
As I light your gloomy skies.

Rest your head upon my heart.
Make this place you lay your home.
As you nest I'll kiss your fears.
Take my heart it is thine own.
Let the walls you've build be crumbled.
Let the trust you've lost be found.
Oh let me kiss you with my beating.
Let me loose what had you bound.

Rest your head upon my heart.
Oh, rest your love upon my life!
By: Keva Minus ©
Keva Minus
Written by
Keva Minus  Bimini, Bahamas
(Bimini, Bahamas)   
   Shang, PoetryJournal and Bougieambi
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