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Apr 2017
Thatch roofed houses
Of straw and stick
Sitting in the meadow
A village surrounded in serenity
Where the gentlest breeze blows

Wooden built houses
Of trees hacked down
Standing on smooth ground
A small town in the open
Where beauty can still be found

Stone walled houses
Hewn from the earth itself
Placed on paved surface
A town filled with people
Where survival of the trampled grass is hopeless

Brick constructed houses
Fired clay stacked in layers
Onto flattened slabs, heaped into towers
An overcrowded city
Where the air turns putrid and sour

Buildings of glass and steel!
Riveted by looming cranes
On concrete plains that stretch for miles
Diseased with millions of people, scattered like vermin
Where the air is filled with acrid fumes, so vile!

Now the cities have crumbled
They have been reduced to rubble
All that remains are a few humans, no longer masses
But do they remember?
It all started from those few thatch roofed houses...
Please give me feedback, I really need it! Did the stanzas flow well or were they sort of... gluggy..?
Written by
BirdShark  F/New Zealand
(F/New Zealand)   
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