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Apr 2017
He hugged me once.
It was the only time
Only time he actually hugged me

Like flashbacks,
That hug.
It plays back in my mind,
Over and over again.
I experience every detail
As if it were my first time.
The first time he gave me that hug.Β Β 
The first time you gave me that hug.

Every emotion
I felt,
I feel them again.
Every thought
That crossed my mind,
I think them again.
EveryΒ Β unsteady breath
That I took,
I take them again.
I've experienced them,
Because of that hug.
And because of that hug,
I experience it all again.
Every single day.

He actually saw me.
He noticed me.
He hugged me...
And I hugged him back.
I cried on his shoulder.
And he let me.
He let me!?

That hug.
His hug.
I remember feeling him
I actually touched him.
I was looking...
Looking for something to hold.
My hands grazed against them,
His muscles,
As I tried to grasp
Onto to his well-fitted shirt
While he held me close.

His intentions.
They were friendly,
Of course.

But when he held me close,
I felt so secure.
In that moment
I was safe,
Everything was okay.
I was sure.

you made me feel safe
With that hug of yours

I've never been hugged-
Well I have, but..
Not like that.
Never before.

I've never been able to forget
The way his arms felt
Wrapped around me
In such a reassuring
And caring way.
I never will.
But I bet he has
And I bet you will too
Because to him *
And probably to
It was nothing more
Than just *A
And that's all it ever was.
And all it ever will be

A hug from a caring friend
But to me.. *that hug, it meant so much more
Written by
   Tyler Atherton
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