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Apr 2017
Don't judge a book by it's cover
The saying is true
Don't judge me till you know me
Or know what I've been through

This book you judge
Holds more than you see
Don't just react
Based on what you feel

I've experienced a lot of things
Both good and bad
Some made me happy :)
Most made me sad :(

I've let people get to me
People that don't really matter
But I believe
It will all turn out for the better

They say people's experiences make up their characters
Some can be changed, others cannot
It all depends
On how deep you've gotten

I've gone really deep
And don't know how to get out
So if you want to help me
Pray for me, love me
But don't judge me
So, I wrote this when I was still exploring my poetry so please forgive any mistakes or amateurism. My poetic juices haven't exactly been flowing much lately so enjoy this throwback. New stuff coming soon. And yes, Chris Brown's 'don't judge me' was an inspiration
Written by
Stephanie Frank  Nigeria
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