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Apr 2017
The only French I speak,
I learned
from the
uncrossable space
in bed



I learned it
when we started
to just say bye
in the mornings

When we stopped
hugging after

When I was too busy
playing games,
watching Netflix,
on my phone,

and you had already cleaned
the kitchen, put away the laundry,

You wanted something
you won't take now
because I wasn't too busy and I don't even play that game anymore, and I can't remember the shows but I'm sure they are still on Netflix,
and phones will always be a distraction from people to put everything down and take off the masks
we make so we can breathe
every day and connect as people. In those moments, I started missing you and you were already missing me. I just really wish I could stop going Supernova but there's a slowly swirling marble rock ball that's slowly making its way from sitting in fire of the pits of my stomach,

rolling up my chest, bouncing off ribs, escaping to the small of my back, rolling up my spine, spinning
counter clockwise
in figure eights
across my shoulder blades until it sits over my heart and sinks to my

Now I've lost form and more and I really just need to get my

**** together and restart.

Look at what you've done
to my poetry.

Written by
Grizzo  M/Austin, TX
(M/Austin, TX)   
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