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Apr 2017
My Emotions come into my brain
working at steering me to feel insane

It waves at me and says hello I am here again
To make me worry and doubt myself
now you can see how
I F'ing Hate Emotions!!

She's a B**ch!!
I wanna kick her out but she'll often lock me out!
I search for the key
that one that leads to pure love and happiness
the key to a successful life and perfect version of how I want me to be!

My Emotions comes in
and allows the oceans jagged waves
to overflow,pouring out all over the floor
Oh' Great where's the mop when you need it?

I could **** Emotions
with one sharp object
but if I do that
then I will
go to sleep permenantly

So what to do & should I care
or let her take me over again?
Like I said I Hate Emotions my friends,
She is so cruel and sometimes
she thinks of me as a
a **** fool but that I am not
and I won't let her win!

So I am wiping you off Miss Emotions
and no one shall see you!!
I will be keeping you hidden and safe in a locked up place.

My Emotions tried to get the best of me
but I refused kicked and screamed aloud that I am no longer
letting her take me over so I had to go and Destroy her!
I Locked her away,
but she can visit on off days cause no one can
**** exactly all the Emotions they Feel, All we can do is learn how to deal.
I just wrote and this is what came out , About feeling vulnerable and used and taken over by all the **** you have had happen in life that makes you YOU and How sometimes we need to feel and sometimes Not it is in your control what your allowing Emotions to do will she or he get and take the Best of You or can you Conquer her or him and lock them up til its visiting hours from time to time, its your call you choose how to respond its in your hands.
Written by
Genevieve  39/F/Oregon
   Keith Wilson, Rapunzoll and ---
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