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Apr 2017
I never had a space
A space that was my own
I have four siblings
You're never alone
But, I
Somewhere along the way
   (Rather early on, actually)
I realized that we don't think
The same ways
At all

And I spent most of my life
Having my opinions drowned out
And I just
Never had the space to
Just process
And form what exactly
I believed and what I wanted
From life
Or even
the space to realize
how I felt
and how to process that

I felt like a plant that
sprang up too close to others
And now that I've been transferred
I have a new planter and the right sunlight
And my soil is  nice and damp
And I'm catching up, I'm flourishing
And I'm learning about myself
But I feel so far behind and I
Just wish I had space earlier
Where I felt safe to grow
The way I was meant
Kimberly Lore
Written by
Kimberly Lore  25/F/North Carolina
(25/F/North Carolina)   
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