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Apr 2017
Of course we always do learn,
while attending our schools.
That should then have us concern,
how we must comprehend rules!

Do you know what “you’re” means?
It is both “you are” combined!
Those two words'd make scenes:
can't you keep them in mind?

Gosh, it's really, just so weird:
lots of folks just don't understand.
People'd need their heads cleared,
considering grammar's command!

Teachers'd teach us for sure,
having us properly study a lot.
When I see “your” for “you’re”,
my mind steams up, pretty hot!

Sheesh, guys, please stop doing that:
recognize how we need to place APOSTROPHES!
This poem is about my annoyance at how some folks can't understand "you're" and is in ABAB form (except for that sad, necessary last line/rule).
It has 100 words, as my other works do too.
Written by
Violet  23/F
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