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Apr 2017
Open your soul
and share your thoughts
communicate with others
******* in knots

empty and dry
and be so fake
cook it all up
giving heartache

telling me this
we love you so
but we refuse to respond
and say hello

it just happens now
with the phone in your face
i'm to busy with it
for the human race

so as we sit with you
and wish you well
we will ignore your hurt
and put you in hell

because its not at all
about being humane
rather how selfish
as i go insane

the greed it shows
hurts many others
he would sell your soul
even your mothers

i have no more room
for that kind of hate
so if you express it
its really to late

for all of those
who are different than you
compassion and kindness
you never knew

the doctor who now
saves your life
with darken skin
under his knife

how dare you judge
and not understand
what he has been thru
and how he was banned

jesus shared love
all thru his life
perhaps you will see
in your afterlife

just how very much
hurt you gave
to others so different
you tried to enslave

they give you a warning
now be so afraid
of offering help
or foreign aide

but dont fear it here
right in your face
shooting that man
because of his race

my message for all
be humane
it might be you one day
experiencing pain
Tommy Allen
Written by
Tommy Allen  55/M/Redding California
(55/M/Redding California)   
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