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Apr 2017
new born
born new
to a world wide
with nails fine smooth
round like shells
little hands that shudder as they curl
hold me tight i will hold you
i will pearl you
between rough hands
between a box of black and white light
inside this frame i will keep you
born new
and sweet like water
brush love over my skin your skin is
so light and your eyes ripple
as the sun does when it spills over
the blurry horizon
like water over the brim of your hands
red and brilliant yellow
and cagey orange
and then it's autumn and you
are still new
and your voice could raze even the taller trees
the peeking birds hear your
warble they drop from the
branches dripping and dropping
puddles of whistles & beaks & birdnails
this is a feathered rainstorm growing growing
growing up
which is hard
i can’t make it easy only
the oysters crack open and
daylight shines softly down
to the sea floor
you lie there on the black rocks
lie in my hard hands
lie to your mother and tell her you don’t
love her (she tries to say it back)
but do not lie to everyone about everything
and especially certain things
it's what i did and it made growing up
something awful dark and
i ask again do not
sink to the bottom of the sea
coming up for air makes breathing easier
but not easy
h b r
Written by
h b r
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