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Apr 2017
He was born a sun,
& played under it.
His steps sunk-deep,
into the sand.
Blond boy buoyed 'bout,
as driftwood, unknowingly.
Beautifying, aging, blemishing,
but naively, happily within the salted sea.
Till he washed up ..***** blond,
as driftwood does, eventually, given time,
given tides... & mercy shown.
So all in all, he showed up full.
Let the record show, although
he be darkened, he showed up with a banner,
this saint of lost cause.

Washed up -- ***** blond boy, scared more-than-most ~~~ ....upon
her shore.  Scared, but bold...  His body hit, like a comet
-- collided -- knocked, making a 'THUD!'
sound at her door.  She opened up,
& took him in.

"You will never return to the sea," she said.  "Never again..."

& she made sure of it, after she forever shut her door.
Nevermore... to return to harm.  For always safe, he now was home.
Will have a lot to come back to over the weekend...
It will be worth it though, for a special portfolio I am working on away from this site.  Thank you all for the support.  It goes to a worthy cause, I promise.
Written by
Light House
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