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Mar 2017
Our love is dying slow
I'm going back hell, going back home...

Can you swallow my bitter pill with me?
Else, I cannot do it
I'll be good to you, I promise
But stay with me...

I love you despite myself
I cannot sustain a relationship well
The queen of broken hearts
Won't someone please tell me what's wrong

My mind has broken again
My mind always gets her way

Poetry and love
they do not lie so far
I tried to secure you with tacks and nails
But will we slip, sleep away?

But I do love your face
in my own sickly way
It's all I can do
offer you my own crumbs

*Everyone's advice
it's starting to make me ill.
I wrote this poem while supposedly studying librarΓ­an science. But feeling brokenhearted enough to be unable to pay attention.
Psychotic Poetess
Written by
Psychotic Poetess  25/Madrid
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