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Mar 2017
Death dressed up for dancing
In a tan sport coat and tie,
Not invited to the wedding, but
It was someone’s time to die.

The bride and groom were beautiful
As brides and grooms would be,
Few knew that she was pregnant,
In several months there would be three.

The best man was a long-time friend
Of both the bride and groom
He was drinking fueled by jealousy
Because their wedding sealed his doom.

Bride’s Mom and Dad, long since divorced,
Said, “Hello”, but didn’t smile.
They both cried as their ‘little girl’
Walked slowly down the aisle.

Groom’s parents laughed and danced and drank,
But both hid things inside
His Dad was filled with cancer, and
His Mom despised the bride.

Grandpa sat in his chair alone,
Except for the oxygen tank
The young pretty much ignored him,
So he just sat and drank.

Bride’s brother disappeared a lot
He insisted he was fine,
Then he snuck off alone again
To do another line.

The wedding party partied hard,
Paid the band for one more set,
All filled with alcohol and lust
How much drunker could they get?

Death walked unseen among the crowd.
He had yet to pick his date,
Lay his hand upon a shoulder
And seal the doomed one’s fate.
Phil Lindsey 3/27/17
You make the call!  Who do you think is Death's date?
Phil Lindsey
Written by
Phil Lindsey  Dundee Illinois
(Dundee Illinois)   
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