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Mar 2017
Bad ...
bad like Vasquez from Aliens
all strut & ******
balancing on her
heavy Latina hip
a friggin' phenomenal
machine-gun thing,
& then sharing the grenade
with that **** of a lieutenant
& blowing themselves
& the alien

Bad ...
bad like the little officer
in Master & Commander,
only about 12
at most,
along the way
loses an arm
& at the end
rallies the men
as they board
the French vessel
all shouts & "at 'em men, 'at em"
with his one arm
his fancy hat,
just fitting.

Bad ...
bad like Chaka Khan,
Neil Young rockin'
All Along the Watchtower
backed by
Booket T,
bad like Ali, Jimi,
Patti & James.

Bad ...
bad like the Irish guy
in Dead Men's Shoes
who gas-mask wearing
& so merciless
runs them down
one by one
whilst chatting gently
with his younger brother
who we realize
near the end
is actually
already dead
& he's avenging
for his brother,
with his brother,
in his heart.

Bad ...
bad like Bela,
***** Riot,
& the Isley's
Machine gun
in 1973.

Bad like panthers,
leopards & pumas.

Bad ...
these aren't just words, I mean it.
Martin Bailes
Written by
Martin Bailes  60/M/Oakland, California.
(60/M/Oakland, California.)   
     --- and yasaman johari
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