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Mar 2017

I’ve found God somewhere out there far out in the ocean,
waiting patiently and he feels bittersweet about what you speak;
his feet are getting cold.
God has this set date and time and when he is ready
the sea will split, thunder will boom, and fire will breathe.
His scent lingers and he follows me around. He understands that
my mind still says redundant things and he still loves that part of me.
God is nicer than you think.
I’ve had a conversation with God. He told me all about his favorite
types of lilacs and waterlilies. Realistically, I couldn’t leave then.
You know, once I tried to fight but the first time I lost.
The second fight was backed by God and I had his blessing.
Is that not proof enough?
It’s real, it’s solid.
I’ve found God and he is out there deep within space.


Dry skin and cracked lips,
watery eyes and seduction.
Thoughts of the world’s showy things
gush into my head but I will not let
these things take me away; my heart
skips a beat when I see you.
Your face looks incredible and where
is your mind? Where is your heart?
It’s somewhere and I see you swimming
to retrieve them. But it’s not with
God. And if it’s not with God I will not
let the deluge of love capture my soul.
God’s anger flares and his wrath begins to show
as I disobey him for another time.
I run away from home and I bring
my backpack and my journal,
and I hop onto my bike and pedaled
faster than before.
Where is my mind? Where is my heart?
For these things are not with God.
Where did my eyes roam?
Where did my soul go?
For these things are not with God.
I let those former things take me away.
And now I need God to dive back into me,
and to save me from this catastrophe.
When I prayed that night
on the cold bench,
I knew he’d swim halfway if I’d swim halfway.
Faith without works is dead.
I dove into him and
God rolled his eyes back into his head
to pretend it never happened.


I’ve found God but you don’t care.
You say that when we **** we go back in time
to a time we weren’t born in
You say our veins run backwards
and we don’t see in color anymore.
But when the sun goes down,
our brains transforms and we think and question.
You tell me God’s not winning and the Flying Spaghetti Monster
and Cthulu seems plausible.
You wouldn’t believe this but I know God’s name.
I promise you I know his name.
Jehovah sees us. He wants us to prosper and he wants us to flourish.
There’s just simple commandments we have to stroll by.
They aren’t hard, our obstacles make it hard.
I want to answer your questions because I have the answer.
You wouldn’t believe this but I’ve found the truth
and I’ve found God. His word was inspired by him and I’m sorry
that you can’t comprehend it.
But I’ve found God, not in me nor for myself,
but for all of us. He is what we cannot understand
because we physically cannot grasp the notion
of something so mighty; we weren’t made to understand him.
But I’ve found God.
yeah, i've found god for all of us. leave your opinions and whatever facts you want. i won't mind, we're all diverse enough so please, let us have these opposing opinions or the same opinions because it's okay. i don't believe we're all the same, i don't care. we're individuals and we're different. make yourself stand out and shine, don't get trapped in this solipsistic and existentialist view of the world and of who we are. don't let it **** the joy out of you because that is what it will do. it will tear you to pieces and lick you and feel you up. it won't be nice.
Written by
acacia  F/orbis
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