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Mar 2017
It can happen any place any time.
The feeling of you not being who you are or what you want.
The iron grip in your chest telling you that you are wrong.
The darkness in your heart telling you that this is not what you are.
Feeling that you are a girl when you are meant to be a guy.
Feeling like a guy when you are meant to be a girl.
Feeling like you will never get to the point of being who you want to be.
Feeling alone in the battle of this of identity  and your soul.
Alone you feel and nothing can fix it.
But it will slowly go away in time.
Leaving you woth little confidence and power to make it through the day.
Gender Dysphoria happenes to a lot of people. Not just transgender people. But gender fluid and gender queer. And a whole lot more people out there.
Ash Levi Von Stein
Written by
Ash Levi Von Stein  Illinois
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