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Mar 2017
Words and lies that cut deep
That makes your heart weep
Makes it hard to sleep
Have you ever see someone tortured?
Bleeding out like ink,
While looking into the eyes
While life is leaving their eyes,
Having no words that could easy the pain
My thoughts of sorrow
lasting longer than tomorrow,
Poets of ancient time
Had seen the ink that was bleed out
While the hearts sink
Words of true knowledge was written
In a world of the forbidden,
Deliberate torture is a sickening
and abhorrent,
bleeding heart are being written
God sees all things;
While the souls cry out in their own
blood stain ink;
Life and Death we all must face
memories and agony's
that evil gave, but in darken dreams
you can see anything of curtly
where winter winds are always calling
where rainstorms are always brewing,
where the flesh made a bed
bones and ashes are in the mirror
that broken the glass
of my beaten down past,
the windows of my life
cut deep with a knife,
praying for God to reclaim my soul,
to lead me out of the pit,
Words and sound kept me bond,
I cried out in merciful tears
But true love never came near,
I got lost into my fears;
clowns of the darken town
are being crowned for their ***** deeds,
while my mind roamed around
my heart wasn't yet found;
while my own spirit is being tortured,
where coldness taken over
while I was being abused;
I felt so used because of Dark Angel;
this world of darkness is a big mess
that gives sickness to the mind,
tortured day and night
Oh, how I can hear the cries
They are now becoming lullabies
in my life;
every day is a darkness of old memories
cut deep at me;
all my pains are written on the wall
for all to read what it is I bleed.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1980
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
The Queen Of Darken Dreams
The Queen Of Darken Dreams
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