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Mar 2017
In my life, people see me and hear me but never understand me.
For my mind is like the tide,
Ever changing.
One moment i may be a...
a force of rage,
roaring with contentious determination to
override what has ben brought before me.
invincible with nothing to hide.
I am rushing,
hurling toward my goals.

Suddenly out of the blue water, I unintentionally encounter my own self doubt. In that instant i am over come by unnerving shaking and stand in shock. In that in that moment my persistence changes into unnatural scattering....
Until it fades into into
nothing at all.
a void of
unexplainable emptiness.
panic! I force myself to speak,  i must to force my thoughts back
i scream in my head.

but it is gone before it has the chance to utter a whisper.
What is left for the world to hear is a yelp.  

" Excuse me? What did you just say" they ask.
Written by
Miabee  Japan
   Sk Abdul Aziz and PC classic
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