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Mar 2017
"Nobody understands" is more common
in my head now than it used to be.
I used to look at it as a stereotype
used to describe teens full of angst
who don't get what they want.
When the whole world looks your way,
you swear they turn and go in another direction.
Well now I think I caught on,
or maybe I better say I caught the cold
that you've been feeling inside,
it's exactly what you've been talking about.
I realized that I just became a stereotype,
so I wince at my mind's own attacks at myself
and I just look down and put on record
that spins mockingly as it repeats
the same old lies to my family and my friends.

Keep walking forward with no destination set,
it's how I've lived until now so why change?
I planned a party to indulge in complaints, so
why was I not shocked nobody else showed up?
I guess all the pity was left up to me.
It's safe for you to guess I left with a full stomach
and rest assured I became twice as bitter.
It's become commonplace in my head,
an old habit renewing it's license
to rain on my parade every chance it gets.
So I continue my path down the road
and grab that record again,
how has nobody caught on to my act yet?
Am I that convincing?

The words I write down
and the things I think about,
they will never reach your ears.
Only to your eyes 'cause I'm a coward.
How could it be any more predictable?
Maybe if they took a look inside
they'd get a surprised look on their face
when they come to find out
that I'm twice as crazy as them.
Or maybe they'd laugh
and try to downplay all my problems
with what I know I thought all along.
"You became a living stereotype."
I really am a living stereotype.
Written by
Wyatt  23/M/South Carolina
(23/M/South Carolina)   
   yasaman johari
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