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Mar 2017
I looked around me
everything was dark
as if my own eyes where completely shut,
that the would had come to an end,
my eyelids where very heavy
like I had a sleeping spell on me,
I was seeing things that were given me
very bad dreams;
the stars are all on dim
while they skip around the sky,
upon the sea, I seen the reflections of he
standing over me;
the colored moon beamed upon the land
upon everything my eyes could see;
I tried so hard to open my eyes
But I couldn’t it was as if I was dead,
I dreamed many dreams in my head
I see things of an ancient time,
I felt I have been bond to my bed;
As if I was quite insane of true madness,
In my mind, I seen different set of eye
Looking back at me from another time,
I see slaves dancing around me,
Crying out to a king that stands before me,
The sky was dark; the fair is hot;
I could see a big cooking ***,
Words of their time wasn’t of mine,
you could feel the evil all around;
While the anger browed in the ***,
Words of truth wasn’t in their mouths,
Lies and so much hate with not faith,
Witches are casting out their evil spells,
Giving a queen a life of a living hell,
Their face turned to me
as I started to scream,
I seen many things that come to me
like something of darken dreams,
they were very old holding no youth,
I forget your name they would say
In a cloud of smoke;
Frogs are being tossed in the old cooking ***,
a chicken tongue, black bird eyes,
bugs of the desert land,
the thunder in the ancient sky roared while
the storm moved on by;
I see holly ones being persecuted;
The words of accurate knowledge
Was told to never be promoted on the land
Where the old witches stand
on blood, stained sand, that was a command,
words of truth are forbidden;
enemies casting names of thee into the *** of hell
while some where rings a bell;
bodyguards taken the prison ones
out of the cage; those who has lost their way,
ravens are flying around to eat up on the dead
the ones who has lost their heads,
words of temptations of the flash
dancing around the cooking ***,
my body started feeling cold
I didn’t have no more control
While lies where being told,
My eyelids where heavy as they could be
While I was cast into a deep sleep.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Judy Emery
The Queen Of Darken Dreams
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