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Mar 2017

Departing avenging spirits
In the dead of winter;
love has assumed to know all hearts,
But what stands before thee
Are the cowards of the lost?
all they bring is wickedness,
what has happened to true love?
Oh, tender hearts,
Why did you depart into the dark?
the gentle touch of lovers’ hand
Where the beauty of spring;
this old town has humiliated me,
But then the knight looks and sees
His love under the leafy shade,
Writing her heart away,
He looks with a stunning smile
upon his face that couldn’t be removed
if she is near; words of anger started to fade,
but then he looked around and she was gone,
His anger ragged like a villain;
He looked at the cowards
that has been making war,
what is it you have done?
That is when the cowards started to run,
Then one of the cowards
stopped and looked back,
Saying, Dark Angel is taken his queen home,
There was this big hesitating chill
that moved faintly in the knights’ heart,
a darken trill of the dead of winter
moved in his soul;
The knight heart became cold.
loneliness came from love;
while the cowards of the town
laugh so loud towards the knight
he pulled out his sword;
and told them if they come back
they would lose their heads,
Clear, loud he stood his ground
In the old town, he called home,
Wide is the rain that brings on pain,
that gives free choice to all who bleeds,
you can love or run from it;
or you can love and fight for what your
heart beats for and will die for it,
like a true ‘’ Shakespeare’’ theme;
that has been written in true passion of love
that gives feverish dreams;
Dark Angels, deathless powers,
The knight takes on his delight
that verse how he truly feels,
love is where his heart belongs,
But his queen her heart is no longer function
She has disclaimed her love for thee.
Poetic Judy Emery © 2017
The Queen of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Judy Emery
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