Mar 21

i am so terrified
my feelings for you are so strong in such a short period of time
but not like what im used to
i love you
and this time it didnt stem from lust
its the type of love that grows after being around someone so long and gradually noticing their quirks and having the eventual epiphany
oh god ive fallen
and fallen hard

im terrified because you are leaving me so soon
how is it that you are leaving me but refuse to leave my thoughts
day and night
since the time we have is limited it makes it all the more valuable
there could never be enough time
i cant resist the force that is pulling us closer together

im so scared
my trust issues seem to have melted away with you
i trust you with my everything
you are just so warm and gentle with me
im a puzzle with bent pieces and im giving the box to you
please dont dent them more
please dont break me
i love you so much
be kind please

Written by
K Harris
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