Mar 20

I sit
In the dark window sill
Staring out into the night
Letting it consume me
Letting myself become part of the night
I can feel myself disappearing
But it's okay
For the night is my friend
I don't fear it anymore
I have learnt to trust it
To let it envelop me

Every night
It comes to me
Allowing me to find comfort
It makes me numb
Taking away all the pain
But every morning
It releases me
Let's me live on my own

Some nights
I don't find comfort in the night
It betrays me
Leaving me
Alone and scared
I'd like to say
That it doesn't happen often
That the night is always there
But that would be wrong
There is no comfort
There is no safety
Only darkness

Written a year ago, but still true
Talia Grace
Written by
Talia Grace  16
     Elizabeth J, Delta Swingline and ---
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