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Mar 2017
As I raised up in bed
At 3:05 am it's cold and the smell of death and the color red

I see the demons surrounding me
I feel them lifting me up in the air I try to plea

Spinning me around as if I was a toy
Chanting over and over we are here to destroy

My head feels the pain as they use the key to open my door
They creeped in hearing their voices saying it's time for war

As they enter into my brain I know I'm in trouble
I start fighting for my life but it's different this time so much rubble

They are strong as I am weak
Hitting and scratching at me feeling every shockwave hitting me like lightning streaks

I'm yelling for help but my voice is not heard
They drop me on the floor grabbing my hair and dragging me outside this is what I had feared

I reach for something,someone,anything to help me
They are taking me this time I've got to stop them I keep telling myself once they get me in their lair **** I just hit a tree

With all my might
I hang on tight

I finally find my best friend who died a week ago
Save me please I plead and she starts biting them and throwing them as if they was made of dough

I start helping her and in know time the demons have left except for one which is hiding in my head the one who stole the master key
The one that will never let me be free

But for now I can breathe again and only hope that I get my strength up for the next battle
I will continue to fight until I get my key back so I must not dismantle

That's when I'll be set free
Written by: Denise Huddleston
Denise huddleston
Written by
Denise huddleston
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