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Mar 2017
I was gonna come back love, I swear it
I was gonna show and give 110%
but I never knew you were only 75 and hiding it, way behind that smile and those beautiful ocean blue eyes
Instead of speaking up you faked your love for the public, they only saw us in pictures that froze our smiles; they had no clue...
Neither did I but there's something I held without you knowing, because my loves the type to go through hell and high water just to fight for you
Yeah I finally left but I was coming right back
but the way you switched up after nearly gave me a heart attack
but in the end I guess the truth matters more than the pain
Silly of me to think the roots were deep and as thick as the blood in these veins
Titanium walls is what I've built now, around this heart there is no door there is no key
To bring them down you've gotta bring a feeling I've never felt before and show me something that I've never seen
but I was gonna come back love, I swear it
You used to listen when I spoke but you went deaf
So it's time to bury the memories, and burn to ashes whatever's left...
Apollo Hayden
Written by
Apollo Hayden
   Luna Marie
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