Mar 19

The mystery of the rare brown-eyed girl
With the strength to splay sunshine from her smile
A child of spring, wishing life to be worthwhile
Young woman with a heart of lovely pearl
How free thoughts dash through a mind to unfurl
Navigating quick feet through life’s trial
Witty, they say, a spirit versatile
Dripping from red lips, words a constant twirl
Impossible girl who cannot be still
Love, an endless gift the brown-eyed girl bids
In two rusted orbs, her excitement brews
Irises capture vintage thoughts, a sandy thrill
Stagnation, a word her soul openly forbids
A beautiful creature conquering in saddle shoes

I love my friends and I love different sonnet forms. I wrote this poem my sophomore year about a good friend of mine. Shout out to all of the free spirits out there.
Star McCown
Written by
Star McCown
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