Mar 2017

Flaring silver in the dark blue sky
Sparks of light ablaze
Locked castle doors to imply
The secret of our hypnotic gaze

I climb the big, firm willow
And loudly whisper your lovely name
You slowly open your glass window
The glory to proclaim

Oh flying ravens of ebony night
Hiding our secret ways
A nightly tryst gone oh so right
Counting the dreamy days

Her hair flipped down
My expression, surprised
Beautiful brown
Needn’t be disguised

For her light complexion
Is brighter than the flaring silver
For her complete reflection
Is clearer than the pains within her

No signs of lust to be found
No signs of later on temptations
Only our love, deeply profound
Conversations combined with revelations

Her harp played harmonies sweet
So I knew you were neurotic
By the sound of your drum beat
And I, allured by your aroma scent, exotic

I come here now to serenade
And kiss your marvelous soul
For you I’d catch a grenade
And in your heart enroll

Midnights I spend in your garden of peace
Where peace reigns all over the air
Sculptures of gods, from ancient Greece
But you, My Goddess, are beyond compare

A lullaby I sing to you
While you sit on the wooden bench
And you wear your gorgeous dress, blue
Then grab my arms and clench

I long to see the moonlit in your hair
And drown in the depths of your attachment
I love telling you from time to time, how much I care
You’ve got me bound to your enchantment

The spring windy night breeze
We stand together watching the sailors sail
We listen to the rumbling of the trees
And stare as the land goes pale

The flower has begun to bud
The grass is greener than ever
They say water is thicker than blood
But our water ties will last forever

Passion you offered in time and again
And I gladly returned the favor
And not long ago, don’t remember when
I got to intimately taste your heart and savor

Oh long spring night, the time has come
For you to leave and accept the new season
I thank you for all that I’ve become
I thank because you gave me a reason

And yes my love, you are the reason to my life
The reason I hold on to precious earth
The moments we spend are always rife
The moments we spend are always worth

Hug me with your loving arms
Touch me with your lovely hands
I’ll protect you from all harms
And I’ll buy you all the lands

And here right now I say to you
That my love for you is ultimately authentic
The color of spring, we’ve seen its hue
In our insomniac nights, majestic

With your fabulous stare
I faint out of sight
With your divine hair
You caress me and cast out blight

And with my touch
Your lips I seal
And with my love
Your heart I steal

spring i love
Vincent Jabre
Written by
Vincent Jabre  Lebanon, Beirut
(Lebanon, Beirut)   
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