Mar 19

You used to be a drug id abuse
guess i ran out of the substance to distract from my blues
So consumed i wasn't paying much attention to cues
i digress ;
I met a bird who'd rest inside my chest
sitting in the emptiness that seemed to grow from stress  
Never disliked crows
i went about my business
Whenever i would ache he'd fuckin scream till i was finished

Seasons passed this bird was still in my body
i would feed em when i ate and he'd partake in my hobbies
On a quest to find a love to help me close up this gap
but my mind is still lost
In the one that i lack
i digress ;
The sun was in my eyes i couldn't rest
sleep excessively my mind in dreams away from stress
Happy place would save me from my burdens time again
only grievance being i was there without my friend
Woke to find my crow inside the clutches of a being
radiating yellow to the point im hardly seeing
Threw my bird aside and slammed a hand upon my chest
my gaping hole was closed
My mental cleared of stress..