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Apr 2012
Clash. Zap. Thunderclap.
Orbitals charged with electricity collide - feels like  crossing the streams
let's - smash atoms like Adam and Eve,
pierce fiercely with particles blown white hot from my accelerator
Like  trying to fill up a black hole, so i accelerate her
excite her, ignite her, my touch lights her on fire
a cloud of ecstasy like Co2  rises higher
I've got my eyes on your ions
take a picture it'll last longer?
snap a photo digitize her
particles turned pixels tilt their head skyward
transcendant enlightenment, released it inside her
E=mc^2 , i can please you at the speed of light
we just rewrote the big bang theory and this time we got it right
opposites attract and charged sparks fly
we might not touch but ion be ****** if we don't try
I'm a ****** intellectual
I love your body AND your mind.
This is definitley meant to be read aloud, in the style of rap and/or spoken word.

comments and critique much appreciated, this one has me quite enthralled, perhaps pun intended ;}
Joseph the Dreamer
Written by
Joseph the Dreamer  clarkston ga
(clarkston ga)   
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