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Mar 2017
i know what it is like
when your fortress of solitude doesn't look like you
you get looked at but somebody else is being seen

i know because that happens to me too
i don't know whose body this is but i want
her to come back and make it convenient again
that isn't really it, definitely not it
i don't know what i want

i have to write this because i know if i said it
or read it out loud
it wouldn't be my voice that you hear
and that's the whole thing, isn't it?

i'm sorry i called you cute but i
wasn't talking about You i was
talking about your idea to kiss my nose
and the message you left on my refrigerator
that was you, in there, i see you
i know that you are in there and
i am in here too
this is the hill we will die on
Written by
flynn  Neither/the woods
(Neither/the woods)   
       Dakota Namidaireaux, Lure Pot, Hedgehog, Alec and ---
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