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Mar 2017
Little girl, little girl
It aches merely to think of this song
About the man that sewed all your heart holes
It distorts you inside

You’re 23 but you’re such a newbie
To fall for him like this
You’re 23 but still full of naivety

Little girl, little girl
That from the beginning he means everything to you
and you mean something to him
but something’s not everything

Little girl, little girl
That he didn’t care to hurt you at all
But you are aching
Hanging on a whatsapp message
Or anything from him

Little girl, little girl
That fell so hard so high from
He became an obsession
He got in your brain wires
To death…

Little girl, little girl
He’s not what you expected
What high hopes for someone so low
It was fun in his bed
Till you lost your mind
Little girl, little girl
Fighting against yourself…

Little girl
You are a bit more older today
I wrote this poem after discovering one guy I met and I was absolutely crazy about really didn't care about me. Although I think the poem explains itself much better tHan I ever could without the help of lines and (lack of) rhymes.
Courtney O
Written by
Courtney O  27/F/Madrid
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