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Mar 2017
Dear Lord above
please hear my prayer,
The cries of your child
Let me know you are near

I'm weak in my flesh
Sin is so tempting
It dances on the edge
Ever calling and beckoning

Who would know?
It calls out to me,
Go ahead and enjoy yourself
There's no one here to see

But this is not a sin
That just involves me
Another is a part of this
Careful is what I must be

My spirit in a rage
begins to burn bright
It yells at me inside
Don't give in you must fight!

You are more than conquerors!
Does the Good book not say?
He's given everything you need
To come out the victor this day

Dear God I come before you
With tears in my eyes
I need your strength to win this one
Before all my hope dies

Please forgive me Dear Father
For the sins of my mind
Wash it out with your Holy Spirit
And let your Word in it bind

Lord we're trying so hard
We want you in our midst
Please help us focus on you
And your truths not to miss

We're weak oh God
We can't do this on our own
Give our spirits strength to stand
And sin not to condone

Ryan Long
Written by
Ryan Long  25/M/Indiana
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