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Mar 2017
She was lost to the sad music fumbling weakly from the broken song box he placed in her heart and he was drowning in the sea of sorrows where within its pounding waves of fury he found her beautiful corpse and they lived on the inside of mirrors on the opposite side of loves dream and neither their palms or their lips could touch without filling with countless splinters of glass and the taste of salt and blood and lust locked their every kiss to clear views of eternity and a sharp pain cut through the skin and bone and soul as their hands embraced and fingers tangled but the thought of letting go was far more agonizing for either to bare and they both tied an anchor of melancholy hope to their ankles and peacefully sank through the misery and darkness of the world outside of their mirrors and smiled mad smiles at one another as their anchors tangled and came to rest at the bottom of Oceans EndΒ Β and watched their lips bleed and drip and spell the others name and they were lost and found in the place they would never come together and never be apart from opposite sides of the same dream
Akira Chinen
Written by
Akira Chinen  122/M/texas
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