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Mar 2017
Found your heart in a stone
As I was walking near home
On a beach that was made out of glass
I remember the grief in
You trying to teach me
That moments just couldn’t last
And though we had many
The moments of plenty
They never were going to ring true
Does it matter at all now
I never found out how
There was love in the meaning of you?

‘Cos you lived in a world
That had always been turned
By ambition and ambition’s plans
You had always been deaf to
Those trying to test you
Speaking aloud with their hands
But If there is love in meaning
It is all about leaving
And fire will always burn cold
And the singing of songs
Is where sadness belongs
When Truth is a heart turned to stone

Take the heat from your eyes
Where it never looked nice
And use it to keep yourself warm
I am safe from you stealing
The best of my feelings
My beaches will never be yours
And though there are reasons
To know all of love’s seasons
I like it now winter is done
Along shorelines of glass
I am learning to laugh
By holding you up to the sun

And if life is a maze
I will walk it with grace
And not try to take it with greed
Though I will not forget, love
Those times were the best of
Our bravest attempts to be free
Your heart is a stone then
I’ll take it back home then
To keep as a archive of truth
It can’t hurt me at all now
To at last come to know how
There is love in the meaning of you.
A Song of sorts ... sung to the metre of 'To Ramona' by Bob Dylan (almost) - The first time I learned a chorus wasn't necessary.
Written by
Tommy Randell  69/M/Whitby, N Yorks, UK
(69/M/Whitby, N Yorks, UK)   
       vansh, H, ryn, Elizabeth Squires, --- and 2 others
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