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Mar 2017
I remember, I remember
That night
I remember
When I walked up in the club
Got my drinks
Grabbed a seat
Then you came up to me
You sat down next to me
We engaged in some small talk
To get our blood streams flowing
I loved how when you asked me if my hands were cold
I said "Yes very cold."
You took my hands and rubbed them between yours
until they were warm
and then you placed them on your soft, luscious, gorgeous, gigantic *******
You allowed me to feel all over them
So I squeezed the **** out of those *******
They felt so sweet and soft within my grasp
The warmth of them just made me ******* melt on the inside
You let me finish my drinks
We continued chatting
We went to the V.I.P.
We found a booth
You got on top of me and started grinding
Fast & hard, fast & hard
Twist & turn
Fast & hard
You took your top off
You were really *****
I could tell by how hard your ******* were
They were huge yet gorgeous
They felt like tootsie rolls in my mouth
So soft and so sweet
and your *** was to die for
A sensual chocolate delight
You let me continue to **** on your ******* multiple times
As you seemed to enjoy the sensation of my hot mouth/hot breath on your *******
As you turned around and started grinding your *** in my lap
I gently smacked and buried my face in it
Your *** felt so ******* ****
Your *** felt so ******* amazing
On my face
So warm, so natural, so wonderful
But that was nothing compared to what was in store for the rest of the night
Xoaquín Oznian
Written by
Xoaquín Oznian  USA
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