Mar 17

Life has always been defined by death,
& everyone just lived,
moved or halted by the anticipation
& for everyone, it ended only once

Yet, we lived, knowing its every shadow
Every sound that heralds it
Every wind that's bringing it
But for us, life was ending
& starting all over every day
For us, a beginning was as painful
as the end
For us, the biggest tragedy was life itself...

& every step you took, I followed
Every decision, right or wrong
I always asked for more
'til there was nothing left in my hands
But the broken world that I had before

& then I've found my perfect chaos
By dreams forbidden a pleasure bred
Through the eyes of a man nevermore awakened
& the soul of a child
Long since dead

Through the tears of a madman
& promises of a liar
I've rediscovered & forgotten
The mystical side of my broken desire

Through the rain against my window
The skies bled wishing they could stop
I've found myself staining the world
But I was no more than a drop


Written by
NB  21/A Stoned World Order
(21/A Stoned World Order)   
       Isabelle, Keith Wilson, Lady RF, Mack, Pax and 25 others
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