Mar 19

I've made a man from the shade of a time
A spirit that's drifting from mind to mind
It dwells in a parallel universe
Like a song unheard in a dream in reverse

I've made a being, never known as one
The sound of all songs I left undone
Have you heard it ring..? did it sharpen your tears..?
The mist ruling for days, but remembered for years

With every caressing wind, sight of a fallen star
You'll know I'm within it, as much as you are
'cause all the words whispered to the night skies were true
Hoping that, in dreams, they'll find their way to you

I've made a man, from what I could've been
A shadow of life on one side of the screen
It's still alive, from a trip created rhyme
To echo beyond the wastelands of time


Written by
NB  21/A Stoned World Order
(21/A Stoned World Order)   
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