Mar 16

I never said this is where I thought I belong
But for a while, it felt like home
At night, it's my throne room
In the morning, a catacomb
& that's where I was born
This place is where I found
What I'll be before I'm gone
Within the barren ground

I've never been accepted by the most
& sometimes, I hate to say
I was an outcast to outsiders
But sometimes they'd let me stay
They let me find my own
Helped me reach within the heart
But I've always been alone
Always wished just to depart

I never said this is where I could belong
But this place somehow felt like mine
At night, my reality
In the morning, my shrine
& in here I was thrown
In this place I can't describe
To find the ones I've known
But I never had a tribe...


I don't know if Tribeless is a word.. But it just fits here
Written by
NB  21/A Stoned World Order
(21/A Stoned World Order)   
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