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Mar 2017
At the start of it all
He may have been A Good One
All teeth and curls and rays of light
But he sure as **** didn't stay that way.

Teeth turned towards my throat
Curls turned to coils
and rays of light became blinding
As we wove ourselves together.

Two years intertwined-
At one point he vanished,
At one point I vanished,
At one point we were together again
In a tiny room in North Atlanta.

I said some smart ****
He spit in my face
And announced that he was going
To the corner store
For cigarettes.

"I thought you quit smoking"
Rose quartz spilled from my hands.
"Osmosis is a funny thing"
Copper dripped from his lips.

The door got the last word
And then the nothing began.

I sat beside the stove,
Lit another cigarette,
Did another line,
And waited for the candle
To burn itself to death.
Written by
Ellie  26/Atlanta
   Kris and ---
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