Mar 15

Time has passed—painful, long years
My words have ceased to flow,
And I am drowned by all these tears,
since you left long ago.

This river—my own torture— flowed passionately in and out.
Rains of my own sentiments poured into a hollow beach.
Helpless cries of restless doubts.
It was you they failed to reach.

Finally, after everything I had seen
Red skies and starless nights
I became aware of what it means
Having you once again on my sight.

I found you in the shadows of the moon—the brightest of all stars
And now that you returned, I can heal the stitching of love’s scars.

Nessa dieR
Written by
Nessa dieR  F/N.L. Tamaulipas
(F/N.L. Tamaulipas)   
       Paul Jones, Kesha, Ms Poetess, Mouthpiece, rose and 7 others
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