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Mar 2017
pretty women around the world
when they see me, they smirk
and some shake their head
and say, "who is that girl,
who is that beautiful girl?"

some even roll their eyes
and say my ego is huge
and i need to be brought
down to size
i laugh at them and say
"I don't wear any rouge"

whenever i sashay into a room
I flip my hair, give a big smile
and strike a pose
And all the sweet honeybees,
every last one
fall down on their knees
and offer me a red rose
some even beg and plead
"marry me please"

and some give a loud whistle
just to capture my attention
and all of them in unison
exclaim with an excited smile
"wow! you rock!"

yes, glamor girl, that's me
for every last honeybee
many kisses I blow
and I give them a special wink
and whisper, "yes, I know"
glamorous, thats me
Written by
         Jobira, Kim, Isabelle, M Harris, Jim Davis and 17 others
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